The Montessori Reading Collection

Teaching your child to read the Montessori way has never been so easy - or FUN!

Where should I start with teaching my child to read?


Montessori Reading Games Workbook - Level 1

Montessori Reading Games Workbook - Level 2

Montessori Pink Series Reading Workbook



Montessori Blue Series Reading Workbook*

Montessori Green Series Reading Workbook*

(*coming soon!)


The Montessori Reading Games Workbook is the first step on the path to reading!

Learn more about the Reading Games Workbook and see a video flip-through HERE.

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Continue the phonics progression with 16 Montessori digraphs. Children will be empowered to express themselves through writing with the movable alphbet!




Once your child knows his or her basic letter sounds found in the Montessori Reading Games Workbook, move onto the Montessori Pink Series Workbook!

Learn More about the Pink Series Workbook and see a video flip-through HERE.


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Learning to Read is FUN!

By combining the genius of the Montessori Method with fun, hands-on games your child will love inside an easy-to-use and easy-to-teach WORKBOOK, the Montessori Reading Series by Montessori for Homeschoolers will put the joy back in your homeschool! Little to no prep, just lots of PLAY! Get started connecting with your child and making lasting memories as you teach her to read, and leave the battles behind you.

You don't have to stop at reading! Do you want to give your child a robust Montessori education from home? Learn more about our FULL Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum!

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Pair your reading program with an open-and-go Montessori Math program, too! Learn about our Math Collection here!

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