The Montessori Math Collection

Meet the Montessori Math collection that is tailor-made for your homeschool! Children can work through concrete materials in an easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn, open-and-go Workbook format right at your kitchen table!

Which book should I begin with my child?

Book 1

  • Brand New Learner


  • New to Montessori
  • Age 4-6

Book 2

  • Can Recognize and Count 1-100
  • Can Associate 1-100 Numerals with Quantities
  • Ages 4-7

Book 3

  • Has Completed Book 2
  • Ready to Move onto further Abstraction
  • Ages 5-7+


Learn more about Math Workbook 1 and see a video flip-through HERE

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Learn more about Math Workbook 2 and see a flip-through HERE

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To learn more about Montessori Math Workbook 3 and see a video flipthrough, go HERE

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Experience Math in a Whole New Way. Start today.

Math can be hands-on, fun, AND rigorous - without the battles. Montessori math has the unique ability to allow your child to progress beyond society's norms and standards using uniquely crafted materials scientifically tailored for children. Now, with those special materials inside an easy-to-use and easy-to-teach workbook, there is nothing holding you back from giving your child the math education you wish you had when you were little.

Want to jump all in to Montessori Homeschooling with your 3-6 year olds? Check out the full curriculum!

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Our Reading Games Workbook is hands-on and easy-to-use! Create shelf work or leave it all inside the Workbook!

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