Hi! I am Katie Key, and I am so glad you are here. 



My journey to homeschooling has been anything but the "straight and narrow path." God has had to do quite a work in me to get me to see the light

For me, homeschooling is light, life, true, and beautiful. It is a weaving together of a tapestry as a joint effort by myself, my husband, my children, and our ever-loving Creator. 

Does that mean it's easy? That I've found the magic formula that works for our family? Absolutely NOT. 

It means it's worth it.

Cliche? Yes. But true nonetheless. 

Homeschooling for me is a calling from God that has been affirmed countless times even in the worst moments of my parenting/teaching fails. 



I found Montessori when I was at the bottom of the pit I had dug trying to "teach" my toddler at home. 

Nothing I tried worked... the boxed curriculum for her age group, the standard preschool lessons with which I was so familiar, the things other families and teachers were seemingly so successful with! I dug a deeper and deeper hole that I couldn't seem to get out of. I was ready to give up. I basically did give up and thought I would have to enroll my daughter in school to give her what she needed, because I was certainly failing. 

But then I stumbled across "Montessori" and haven't looked back. There have been roadblocks and hang-ups and detours, but I keep coming back to Montessori at the core of my home educating philosophy. 

Montessori education was created for a classroom setting. So as I've discovered what works in our home, I've done my best to record it. 

I have created Montessori-inspired home-education-friendly curriculum, workbooks, and materials to help in our homeschool and guide us as a family. 

What you can find here

What You Can Find Here. 

In this space, you can find all of the tools I've created that we have successfully used in our homeschool: 

  • Open-and-Go Montessori Math Workbooks (Books 1, 2, and 3) 
  • Montessori Reading Games 
  • Montessori Pink Series Reading Workbook
  • One Year Old Montessori Homeschool Curriculum
  • Montessori Christian Homeschool Preschool Curriculum



I have four beautiful children: Lily, Sadie, Evelyn, and Dalia. They are 7, 4, and 3, and 1, and they are a joy to behold! The days are tough but beautiful, my friends. 

I am learning what it looks like for our family at each stage to implement Montessori philosophies at home. When I had just one child, it was much easier to replicate a Montessori classroom-type experience at home, but as we have added more children to our family, we have had to be creative and make many, many adjustments. 



I am a Florida native that has spent some time living in Vermont, North Carolina, and Arkansas. I am a "middle child" by birthright and personality, but I also proudly mesh my mother's intuitiveness and overly-caring heart with my father's decisiveness and drive to "get the job done well or not at all." 

I wish I was a better housekeeper.

(That's a polite way of saying that, in spite of my Montessori homeschooling, my house is usually quite a mess. I'm working on that. If you're in that boat, too, I suggest minimizing your stuff first. I've gotten rid of almost all my clothes and the one thing that stays under control is the laundry! Go figure. I can't wait to minimize more!!

If you are good in this area, we can still be friends, and I may bombard you at 2am with questions on how you do all the things and still keep your house clean!) 

I am a "retired" chemist (Go Heels!), a "retired" high school teacher (Go Warriors!), a "retired" test prep tutor and college counselor, and a CURRENT full-time mom and homeschooler. 



I am a Bible-believing born-again Christian. That means I believe Jesus is God, that Jesus came to the earth to save all those who believe in Him and call Him their Savior. I believe what the Bible says is true, and I believe in being extremely careful not to add to or remove anything from it.

I fall short every day in every area of my life, and I know the only way I can be redeemed is through the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ who stands in the gap and calls me His friend. 

That being said, I welcome all people here in this space! If we don't have the same beliefs, it doesn't stop me from loving you, connecting with you, and valuing you. 

By the way, if you want to know more, I'm always happy to discuss my faith, encourage you, pray for you, or just be a listening ear. Email me any time at montessoriforhomeschoolers@gmail.com. Seriously. 

Are All of Your Resources Faith-Based? 

The only faith-based curriculum you will find on this site is the FULL Preschool curriculum and One Year Old Curriculum. The math workbooks and reading games do not contain direct faith lessons or concepts.