Take the mystery out of Montessori Math
with the Open-and-Go Montessori Math Workbook!

Use with or without Montessori math materials!

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Introduce your child to concrete mathematics concepts the Montessori way.

The Montessori Math Workbook is an introduction to concrete mathematics for children ages three to six. ⁣

Using just a pencil, scissors, and glue, you can help your child conceptualize numbers 0-100 while working through the Montessori Math framework. ⁣

In this first book, your child will be exposed to:⁣
✔️ tactile numerals⁣
✔️ the spindle box⁣
✔️ number rods ⁣
✔️ beginning operations with number rods⁣
✔️ cards and counters ⁣
✔️ the short bead stair⁣
✔️ the addition snake game⁣
✔️ teen numbers and teen number formation⁣
✔️ counting by tens⁣
✔️ counting all the way to one hundred using the 100 chain and the 100 board. ⁣

💜 Best of all, directions are included for every activity. ⁣

🎁 Give your child the gift of understanding math.

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  • What is the target age range for the Montessori Math Workbook - Book 1?
    It is best for ages 3-6. When your child shows interest in counting and can use scissors, it's time to give it a try!
  • Do I need Montessori materials to do this workbook? 
    Not at all! You only need a pencil, scissors, and glue! 
  • How can I use this alongside my Montessori math materials?
    Families and classrooms with Montessori math materials have opted to use this workbook in many ways. It can be used for Distance Learning, as a follow-up to a lesson with the physical materials, reinforcement of a concept, an extension, daily morning math practice for "Morning Time," pages can be used as "shelf work," or as an alternative for days when a physical presentation is not feasible.
  • Can my child use this workbook even we don't do Montessori at home or at school?
    Yes! This workbook is a great addition to any home or school curriculum, regardless of how math has been introduced in the past or will be introduced in the future. Your child will receive a firm, concrete foundation in math with this Workbook. 
  • Do I need any training or experience to use this Workbook to teach my child?
    No! All of the directions, down to everything you need to say to your child is in this workbook. 
  • Do I choose a lesson or work in order?
    You can do either, but the Workbook was created to do in order from front to back. If you are more experienced and know the lessons your child needs to work on, you are of course free to work on whichever lessons you would like! 

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