Montessori Pink Series Reading Workbook

Finally, an Open-and-Go Montessori Reading Program in full color with real images! You can make this into shelf work or keep it contained in the well-designed workbook!  

(*Find the Cursive version HERE!)

If your child knows the phonetic alphabet sounds, then this workbook is your next step on the path to reading fluency! 

(...If your child is just starting on the path to reading, I suggest beginning with the Montessori Reading Games Workbook - Level 1 to introduce beginning sounds.)

The Montessori Pink Series Reading Workbook capitalizes on a child's desire to read very short phrases in a variety of ways without being overwhelmed with large paragraphs of text. Your child's interest in reading will be sparked by the game-nature of some of the activities, the "booklets" that she gets to read like a real book, and the visible progress that can be seen as you work through the Workbook together. 

It also capitalizes on the homeschooling parent's desire to have easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement materials that are engaging, stimulating, and beautiful. 

A Workbook That Doesn't Have to Be Used as a "Workbook"

If you "do Montessori" at home with learning shelves, these activities can be removed from the Workbook and placed on your Language shelves! You can also set them out as a "Morning Invitation" or keep most activities in the workbook. The benefit of having all of the learning activities inside a Workbook is you never have to ask, "What do I present next?" You just go in the order of the lessons in the Workbook! 

This Workbook will help your child: 

  • read 3 letter phonetic words

  • read short phrases

  • read full sentences

  • read full books

  • practice handwriting on lined and unlined paper

  • strengthen hand muscles through drawing, tracing and shading

  • encourage creativity and freedom of expression through writing prompts and real-life list making

  • "writing" options for non-writers

Check out some of the activities: 

Note: You can choose to purchase the print or cursive version! 


A Brief Overview of the Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Series: 

The Montessori Pink, Blue, and Green Series help English-speakers master this complex language of ours in incremental, non-overwhelming steps. This system allows for ample practice and encourages a mastery mindset rather than a "get through this quickly" mindset. 

1. First, your child should be introduced to the phonetic alphabet, with one sound attached to each letter. (See: Montessori Reading Games, a 26-week program full of games to introduce these sounds. There are also many pre-"Pink Reading" activities to prime your child for the Pink Reading scheme.) 

2. Once the phonetic alphabet is mastered, your child will be able to move on to the Pink Reading Scheme, followed by the Blue Reading, then the Green Reading. 

Pink Reading: CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words introduced in a variety of ways. Your child will move from spelling words as she sounds them out to reading pre-written words. In a smooth progression, your child will move from reading single words to phrases to full sentences! 

Blue ReadingCCVC or CVCC words are introduced after the Pink Series is mastered. These require your child to "blend" consonant sounds, like bl-, sp-, -nd, or tr-. Alongside the Blue Reading material, your child will also be gently introduced to parts of speech, like the "noun" and the "adjective" using concrete, visual symbols. The activities in the Blue Reading scheme mirror the Pink Reading activities for a smooth progression. 

Green Reading: Using 16 common phonemes as the basis of the Green Reading unit, your child will be introduced to a variety of "double letter" sounds, as well as long vowels, silent e, and additional phonemes to move toward "total reading fluency." 


USE RESTRICTIONS: This Workbook is intended for a single family or single classroom use only. 

Instant Digital Download. 100 pages.