Finding a Space to Do Montessori Lessons

Welcome to Lesson 1 of our Montessori Homeschooling 101 series

Montessori Homeschooling 101: Finding a Space to Do Lessons

Lesson 1: Finding a Space to Do Montessori Lessons

Many Montessori homeschoolers prominent in the online world have elaborate homeschool spaces. Some have nooks and crannies all over their houses, with open shelving everywhere! Others have a huge space, such as a full basement. Most have at least a dedicated homeschool room. That's awesome if you have the space, but I'm here to banish this barrier as an objection to implementing Montessori philosophies at home. 

You can really set up a Montessori learning space anywhere!

We have moved a lot, and we've used underbed boxes, a tiny bedroom with a lofted bed, my master bedroom, the living room with open shelving, and we currently use our one car garage (which is air conditioned and somewhat insulated, thankfully!) 

Pick a space where you can have some open shelving (preferably at least 3-4 shelves) if you can! If that's not an option, clear out a closet or get some underbed storage boxes and pull out the materials during your children's work time! 

As much as I used to think I would love a huge space or different work areas throughout our home, I have come to love our smaller space and isolated area for work time. I haven't stopped having babies yet, so we have been blessed continually with rollers, crawlers, and very curious toddlers! I love being able to close the door (or the underbed boxes) at the end of our "school" time. 

What is working for you? Comment below to let us know how you are setting up your learning space at home!

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Montessori Homeschooling 101: Finding a Space to do Lessons

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