Montessori Homeschooling Kickstarter Pack BONUS TRAINING Video #3: The Number Rods

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Today, I am going to give you three fun ways to use the printable Montessori Number Rods! These are usually introduced as a "first" exposure to the math materials, but some families and educators do present the sandpaper numbers and counters first. Honestly, however you do it, please stay away from the feeling that you are "doing it wrong!" If you are intentionally teaching your child and following their curiosity of the world around them, you are doing it right! 

Don't be bogged down by the rules, okay? Let's think of them more as guidelines. You know your child best, and you are doing your best. 

I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to click the "CC" box on the video to turn ON the captions! 

Here's a short recap of three fun things you can do with the Number Rods at home: 

  1. Introduce them in groups. 
  2. Align them (don't forget to use the tips in the video when you show your child how to do this!) 
  3. Greater than or less than!

*** BONUS: Add to ten! 

There are so many more activities you can do with these amazing Number Rods! We do several fun activities in the Montessori Math Workbook - Primary Book 1. :) 

Happy Counting! 

- Katie